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Best Foreplay Tips

Master the Art of Passionate Kissing

Whenever you decide to make love to your partner, quick and shallow kisses will not really get you fired up. Begin kissing slowly and tenderly, listening to the breath of your lover closely and increase the pace gradually. While kissing, let the sensations from both your lips and tongues flow smoothly till you feel weak. Apart from the lips, kisses work magic on the neck, arms and other parts of the body.

Explore Your Lover’s Body

Take time to kiss, lick and touch every part of your lover’s body to unleash the spark for ecstatic sex. As your lips work on other parts of the body, run your fingers down her spine, gently squeezing her boobs, touching her vagina and pubic areas. Rub her clitoris gently till she moans. Touching and kissing the muscles around your man’s penis and balls will also bring sensual arousal that will lead to an amazing sex.

Try these foreplay tips and you will have an awesome experience.

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